Poetry videos

FAILED LOVE POEM from Autumn Widdoes on Vimeo.

IIII REACH 4 from Autumn Widdoes on Vimeo.



Villanelle for America in the 21st Century

Meditations on Love in a Time of Fear

A Range AND The Storm, White Stag, 3.2: #Neogoddesses

Teenage Kicks, Words Dance, 2016

The Human Condition, Fourth & Sycamore, 2016

Interstitial.  Magma Poetry, 2003



Notes on the Grad School Experience

Travel writing:

英語の弁当/English Bento Box:  My life in Japan

Better Know a Ken:  Okinawa.  Hyogo Times, 2011

Academic Publications:

Reconfiguring the Gestalt of War:  Women’s Collective Memory and its Representations in  American Vietnam War Films.  Florida Atlantic University, Honors College, 2003. 

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