Belles-lettres blog

It’s been quite some time since I even opened up this page to update it.  In recent years, I did most of my blogging at 英語の弁当 or Gluten Free in Japan, and even then the majority of my posts and commentaries went straight to good ol’ Facebook, the ultimate time waster and everyone’s favorite spot (besides Twitter) to do some gates of hell-style ego tripping.  I’ve since quit Facebook, though I still have a professional page, and have backed off of time wasting social media in order to create more time and space in my life to write and create new work.

While I haven’t spent much time with this blog in recent years, I’ve decided to restructure it as a way to document the beautiful moments I experience while living on this earth, especially in relation to writing and performance. I plan to use this as a sketchbook for the full-length work (I’ve got a novel, a play, a co-authored poetry chapbook and a book of choreographed-poems in progress) I’ve been hard at work on. They are all at different stages of progress, but the end goal is to finish all of them and have them published and eventually staged or filmed.

I’m also reviving it as a way to seek out and informally review artists’/writers’/performers’ work I love and find inspiration, in addition to discussing important issues impacting the artist and the arts in the US.

I’ll get around to this full revival soon.





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