Locating Oneself in a Global Era

An ongoing discussion is taking place around a particular set of questions I posed on my FB account. The original post was meant to engage anyone and everyone on the concept of the local in a globalized era with new media and DIY enterprises. With the current disintegration of the concept of a rigid hierarchy of artistic and cultural gatekeepers, this era has provided technological tools for any artist to utilize to distribute his or her or their work to the masses without costing large amounts of upfront capital (as opposed to the film industry which offers the same mass distribution, but also prevents many from participating due to costs). Here is the original posting:

What does it mean to refer to oneself or others as “local artists”? In this era of instant global distribution via the Internet, how does one define him/herself as local (Where they are based out of? Arts made for a group of people based on a particular region without the wish to distribute it outside of this area? Folk arts that represent that locality?) Where is this term originating from and why is it used?

Feel free to answer or email me with your comments on this topic. Thanks!