Postcards from 2015

It’s been quite some time since I even opened up this page to update it.  In recent years, I did most of my blogging at 英語の弁当 or Gluten Free in Japan, and even then the majority of my writing/commentaries went straight to good ol’ Facebook, the ultimate time waster and everyone’s favorite spot (besides Twitter) to do some gates of hell-style ego tripping.

Recently, I made the decision to separate business from pleasure and shut down my Facebook wall and start an actual FB page instead.  I was tired of people commenting on my posts as if it were a Yahoo news page comments section.  I also thought it might be a way for me to spend more quality time focusing on writing, except I started to notice that I still spent time surfing the feed for interesting information about poetry, writing (in general), performance, and film (among other topics of interest).  I been itching to post again about a number of really cool pages I’ve read recently, but I didn’t want to fall off the FB sobriety wagon. So I’ve decided to resurrect this page and shift it from an official ethnography of performance blog to a catch-all blog on awesome things in the literary and performance world(s), especially in the interstices where the two meet.  And of course…my thoughts on these things and on the writing life in general.

So, let’s give this one another go shall we?  😉