Of the body

I think about the body, or the concept of the body, often for my performance work. I don’t think about it perhaps the way an theater actor or a dancer may think of the body while creating compositions or stagework, though I incorporate training and conceptualization from both realms. I think about the body from the position of writing for performance and what it ends up turning into is usually a form of hybrid theater/movement-poetry. A mashup of sorts that works out in its non-linear narratives and visuals. My work somehow tries to bridge the abstractness of movement and language, which are often vying with each other.

So, I’ve been creating this performance piece and it’s been an interesting journey. This weekend I’ll show another version of it in San Francisco/Berkeley. I’m excited about it, but also a bit nervous as it’s not meant to be a solo show though it’s proving to help me create this complex character, an alterego of multiple personalities packed into a mythological body of sorts.

This version incorporates three different video renditions with performance work/choreography that was created in collaboration with Carl K. Li, Jeanie Tse, Niina Pollari, Rebekah Mindel and Rebekah Steinfeld (who also directed the WAXworks version and helped with the Hallwalls version and whose work has been a foundation for the piece’s subsequent versions). It also includes soundscapes of the text I’ve written and video work of skylines (as the piece is set in a mythological NYC). I’ll be performing it as an interactive piece this time.

Labyrinthine in its structure, it is always encompassing yet another layer of complexity with every new turn.

Here’s more info on the performance:


Been so long

Hello.  I’m sorry it’s been quite a while.  I’ve been remarkably busy as of late.  I attended the &Now Conference in Buffalo and had a brilliant time.  This is not the normal “scene” that I am exposed to (it’s mainly fiction/poetry based innovative & experimental work with a ton of computer related elements, but “it” – it’s actually not a “scene” but multiple ones really –  seemed to focus on text rather than performance) and I was really happy to connect to others who I may never have had the opportunity to meet.   It was a fantastic opportunity.   I’m hoping that one day a collaboration might come about from these hellos and friendly intellectual conversations that were had over the few days I attended.  For the conference, Carl, Niina and I performed my performance piece I/Labyrinth  at Hallwalls in Buffalo.  Hallwalls is a cute art and performance space that is part of a church off of Delaware Avenue in this far Western NY city.  And Buffalo itself is an interesting place.  I managed to have a number of exciting experiences happen during this trip (crazy public metro bus ride to Niagara Falls from Buffalo, drag show complete with dwarf in drag at Marcellos (I think that was the name of the club), Beautiful Thing (the play), a short visit to a 1970s-era mall called the Arcade which seemed perfect for another remake of Dawn of the Dead, nice theater people and the best caramel apple martinis (at $2.50 a piece and free top-offs!).  Excellent times had by all. 

The performance went well.  I’m really proud of the performers as they really gave it their all for this piece.  They’ve been involved with this since almost the beginning of it when it was just a few abstract thoughts swimmings around in my brain. 

Next month I’ll be in San Francisco to show a slimmed down version of I/Labyrinth for the “Mythological Landscapes of the Body” at Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley.  I’ll be reading it live with the three video versions of the various iterations:  WAXworks, AUNTs/Movement Research Spring Festival/&Now @ Hallwalls.  And hopefully there will be a commentary piece about the creation of it published perhaps?  I’m crossing my fingers that happens as it will help me piece together a more logical approach to this abstract piece. 

I also had the chance to see the Robert Lepage show Lipsynch at BAM for its 9.5 hour view on closing day.   What an inspirational piece of art.  I love Lepage and is collaborative epic performances.  Such a stunning show that is still running through my mind now.  If you ever get the chance to see anything that he’s created, please do so!  You will not regret it.

I guess that’s about it.  I’m back in Florida for the time being, working on things, seeing some shows (I’m supposed to do a guest cameo in NOTLD for Jobsite) and hoping/dreaming/wishing to get back to NYC soon for a longer stay.  ❤